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Never underestimate a few Jersey Royal potatoes as with any potatoes they are quite delicious, try with some carrots and mixed pieces of salad. If you have problems cutting carrots, trim them up and put them in whole for a change, they'll be softer to eat then. And of course, some ground white pepper is quite something on carrots. And of course, wash them  but keep the skins on. Try adding some fresh or dried mint to your Jersey Royals or baby potatoes whilst cooking. Maybe a tiny amount of ground black or white pepper, but no salt.

You might aso like to try adding some celery to your cooking pasta, it does affect the pasta taste but i think it complememnts it and it would be great for those who have difficulty biting celery for example as it is considerbly softer.

The blueberries were a few blueberries added, they were the last four blueberries from a punnet, i hadn't had them for a couple of years so i used them in bothe photos but they complemented tastewise, hence the purchase.


You can see a glass with a gravy and a tin of mackerel fillet, mix or make a gravy of your choice, the amount in the glass is sufficient and you can also do it in the microwave, i addd chinese five spice. You don't need to add more than a third of a tin of mackerel fillet, the mackerel fillet is optional anyway.

Some of you could have been concerned recently with regard to menopausal issues and certain referred to dietary factors within the findings. Some foods bringing menopause sooner and some the opposite. In fairness though the report did imply that there can be many factors to consider. In none of the reports was smoking mentioned, smoking of course can bring the menopause up to two years sooner. It was not clarified whether or not any of those involved in the research were smokers or not. Should you or anyone you know require help with quitting smoking, if in UK or USA you may find some free help via our link in the menu.


Not The recipe but a C M.R O




A 100% sugarfree addition to the discerning inquisitive adventurous mind, or the/a kind soul indeed has been posted '/added to the post (as further reading): 'Article test strategies' in the MENU beneath 'Diary notes.' New Blog page in MENU


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