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This website was originally started as a personal diary and as i had been concerned with personal weight issues and how i thought about my weight and finance and how to create a programme which would be tasty and not too difficult, but also effective as a weight management strategy.


Budgetting has had to play an important role in this site.


It is hoped too, wherever you are with your weight ideal, that this site can also be a means to save and re-evaluate, get some of the bills paid and lose some weight if that is what you want to do and possibly learn some new cooking technique or at least if you cannot cook at all, try to get an idea of how you might be able to start or  even achieve a different stance on some of your own.


Appreciably not all tastes 'and wants' are the same.  


Yes food is incredible, and the hows and the where's. I am too aware that some actually have difficulty in this particular area and for sometimes quite complex and other various reasons. It is a hope tht wherever you are on your food journey, that our easy to understnd Tier system may be of great help to you in starting or re-starting or your aptitude generally, but above all your future.


I am confident that you can accomplish your achievement realisation.

Therefore, this site is also very much 'an appreciation'.  

Come on, be positive about yourself!

It does no harm to plan.

This is why  our site suggests that you decide on a start date.

This start date could be tomorrow or today, or when YOU are ready (unless you have been advised otherwie or are concerened).

Don't give up on your own very meaningful start .  

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