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A real tasty 4-7 day soup

Day 1. I made a soup in December to help get throught the initial days of the winter months. I was not in the mood to cook so much because i had flu but as you will see

this soup not only was freezable which meant i could try to keep in recovery mode but freezable and even improved each time tastewise.

This soup ingredients:

3 potatoes chopped small (Photo 1),

one onion chopped small (Photo 2),

Ginger trimmed as in photo and with skin on (Photo3/4).

4-6 stalks of celery (Photo5).

as much garlic as is in photo/chopped small (Photo 6/7),

as much whole pepper whole as is in photo 13 (in bag),

an apple (cored) and the skin (Photos 8/9)

Frozen sweet corn (as in photo 11/ photographed in a 1 pint loaf tin) if you do not have a loaf tin, try to imagine an 8" square /4" deep cake baking tin and slice it down the middle, one half would be a good equivalent measure.

A third of loaftin of red lentil (as in photo 10),

some ground chilli pepper

1 level teaspoon and 2 vegetable stock cubes.

Rinse the potatoes and celery first and the lentils if you can. Bring absolutely to the boil and simmer for 30-40 minutes on low heat.

You can if you are a meat eater add chicken chopped or pork or fish to this recipe. Even dried mango pieces too. A tiny tiny amount of salt and a level teaspoon of ground black pepper.

Always read lables on lentils etc if nut intolerant as some are packed in places which also pack nuts.

If you like dried anchovies you could chop maybe 5-7 finely and add but i wouldn't if using pork. But it's fine as is. And as much as i have nothing against pork personally, if you have a cold or flu and are desperate to add meat to this recipe i would add some but not a lot, maybe 3 chicken legs or one finely sliced chicken breast and not a big one. If however you want to add pork, grill a bacon slice as in streaky bacon or back bacon almost to a frazzle chop it very finely and add to the soup 'after'.

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