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Carefully considerate budgetting


What would you do if you were just about to get on a bus and a person said "scrimp"?

Would it encourage, discourage, enlighten, upset? I'm guessing if you are a student you'd smile and rise above it anyway.

And another tact, if ever you treat yourself to a take away,

Do you put the almost empty container in the recycling, do you rinse it out? Or put it into your freezer?

All of those lovely spices

Then, why not defrost it and add to a reduce salt stockcube and even some black bean sauce maybe with some sliced peppers, chicken if a meat eater or even sliced strips of beef.

I added reduced fat baked beans to mine and some black bean sauce and ground black pepper

Some frozen peas would have clinched it 'if not' adding baked beans xxxxx

If a meat eater, it would have been great to have added some cooked chicken to the black bean sauce especially with those frozen peas too.

Consider your portion sizes always and try too to learn to moderate and too with/if drinking alcohol.

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See the amount in the photograph, you could even have even subtly put that into a couple of designated ice cube trays. Wow!

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