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A.T.D.K 4235 (and two doves kissed upon Yao)

Some of you will know that this is the first newly added recipe on this site since April 2015- now October, i hope that as the wintry weather begins to creep in if you are in a country where that is happening presently....that this may enable you a time for reflection and a time to gather resources and prepare for what may or may not be the winter and the christmas/festive season ahead. I am planning to add a few more additional items in the months ahead as and when i think of them and which may be of interest to you. I sincerely hope so. When i tried tasting this recipe my thought was 'It is all about the sensation of eating'.


One (or two new to Regenprotec/ less than 4 months) portions of flat dried noodles (see photo)

One (or one and a half) vegetable stock cubes depending on whether two portions of noodles used

Two medium thickness leeks

Some sweetcorn (as per photo), or a similar amount of frozen peas or baby corn.

One teaspoonful of dried or some fresh thyme/ finely chopped. (Photo shows dried thyme and a regular size teaspoon)

Zest of one whole lemon

A lever small teaspoonful or level quarter teaspoonful of Chinese five spice

5-8 smaller/medium cloves of garlic depending on taste

Some fresh ginger (as per photo)

Optional: Either boil a piece of the most inexpensive whitefish the day before and retain the juices in a fridge in a sealed container or add half a fish stock cube.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Photo 1...A zester for removing zest from citrus fruits.

Photo 2...The ginger root cut into very small pieces, no bigger than a quarter of an inch all round.

Photo 3...A regular sized teaspoon, with the dried thyme on it, garlic cloves and the flat dried noodles and size of leeks.

Photo 4... Shows after washing how much to chop off if you do.

Half fill a large saucepan with cold water and bring to the boil. Add your crumbled vegetarian stock cube/s. Add the lemon zest and the dried thyme. Then add ONE of the chopped leeks and then the chopped ginger followed by the cut up/chopped (not minced) garlic. Add the chinese five spice the fish stock or half a fish stock cube. Bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat but hot. Then add the sweetcorn or baby corn (6-8 pieces) or frozen peas (as per photo). Put the noodles into a jug or watertight container and pour over them boiling water from a kettle. Allow just to soften and run them through a collander ( see photo) add to mix with the remaining chopped leek. Add a three quarters lever regular teaspoonful of ground black pepper and a tiny smidgeon of salt. Simmer on low-medum for maybe 10 minutes until noodles are a good consistency.

Photo 5... Thickness of slice of leek Photo 6... Garlic chopped not minced Photo 7...Flat noodles in collander after soaking for a minute or so and before being added to saucepan.

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