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C.C.M.C.352 (Chechemanche)

No doubt if you have come to this page, you may be wondering what was meant by the two part recipe? Please remember also that i have said that even if something tasted to me not as nice as i might have imagined tht i still have to eat it. This does not mean that someone else would not enjoy it. I did wonder if in some countries such may be considered a delicacy. You will be surprised about one or two of the elements of this i think. It would be adviseable that you read the whole recipe before attempting for this reason. Well, here we go, Ingredients you will need: Some Tahini (optional). One whole smaller sized but compact cabbage 6-8 garlic cloves chillies One yellow capsicum pepper Large flat mushrooms (4 or 2) a tablespoonful of tomato puree zest of one lemon Some fresh mint A small bag of dried mango pieces, Some desiree potatoes, One, or two pieces of frozen fish, small tin of butter beans. 2 vegetable stock cubes Slice the cabbage in half and slice it as finely as you possibly can and put into a large saucepan. Half fill with water or get someone to do it for you if you cannot and wash the cabbage through. (Photo 1) Chop the chillies finely and add Chop the leaves from the mint and add but retain one or two for garnish (Photo 2) I wondered if the mint would interract with the cabbage wrongly and if the chillies would particularly as did not add salt and pepper (Photo 3). Chop the yellow capsicum into small pieces and the garlic slice thinly and the lemon, use a zester and remove the zest from a lemon peel (Photo 4).

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