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A day trip out to the coast

August had arrived and as with the past three years, I had been invited to a coastal town. Brighton, to be precise. I had been apprehensive but as i had not left the uk for a foreign holiday since more than twenty-nine years, decided that a day out could be fine. It was very nice. We stayed for maybe six hours, i drank cranberry and lime with ice in it and got back safely after. I did some photos which i hope some of you may like. The yellow and pink flowers are hollyhocks, in case you aren't aware and I believe the purple and white flowers are Agapanthus, though they could also to some zseem like alliums but they are all lovely. The statue is of King George IV (facing west), is at the North Gate to The Royal Pavillion in Brighton, the statue is by: Sir.Francis Chantrey. The other photo is myself, i was out of, and had forgotten to pick up some coffee.

Chilled sparkling spring water with a little lime cordial is also well worth trying.

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