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Diary notes: Hot water drinking

The drinkng hot and or warm water thing can prove difficult for some, on the fourth day you might feel like you are being dragged to the kitchen to do it and even your stomach may feel like it is churning, but it is good for you. One the third day if you don't already use them, particularly if you are finding the water consumption four times daily difficult. You mght like to switch to a lemon and ginger caffeine free infusion. If you use a mug instead of a cup, yes put two infusion teabags in it if you want to. They also do other flavours too so choose a flavour that is likely to be more calming, chamomile or nettle or lemon and ginger, maybe not anything too sweet at this moment. It might be that you are still on only managing that first initial cup in the day presently, this is another reason why you could try an infusion at anther time during the day. But try to remember this goal. It may be that you'll think on the fifth day for example, if you had a lemon and ginger teabag infusion on the fourth day that you'll switch to the lemon and ginger anyway, that is your choice, but if wanting to try on the water drinking suggestion, you might think, 'no i'll keep it up'. There's nothing stopping you from doing both but first thing ideally should be the hot/ warm boiled water. Allow sufficient time for it to cool after boiling, very important, please don't hurt yourself. Remember too, try to only fill your kettle each time with the amount of water needed for your drink. Do not overfill. Make sure that your water and tea infusions and hot drinks are always at their very tip-top freshest.

Without the egg or pear, this suggestion could too be nice potentially if a meat eater, with some pork cut into very thin strips.

Chilli sauce will also contain calories, as example, one teaspoon of ketchup is usually or at least was approximately 70 calories. And how many bowls within two days? Serves 6 (approximately). Very tasty! For this suggestion or choose elements of it and more diary notes, please go back a page

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