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Diary notes: Fantastic texture and taste aubergine

You'll know that once you have been through this site and our other site if you like, if you don't already, you'll be creating great dishes and with balance, you'll have also built a store of ingredients that you can fall back on as you have been talked through it all carefully. Next time when making a delicious spiced aubergine and lentil dish, if you decide that you don't quite want to use all of the aubergine, as you'll possibly slice it anyway and sprinkle just a few grains of salt on top and and let it rest for an hour to remove some of the water from it. Then rinse it under the cold tap and get a half saucepan of boiling water ready. The pieces that you want to freeze, put into the boiling water for 4-5 minutes then place them in a container not packed tightly. Remove half of the water from the sausepan. Put your chopped ingredients in and add a very very small amount of maybe chilli oil or a good quality oil of your choosing to the water, enough to toss the ingredients so they all get a little oil on them, so you'll appreciate that not much is required. Then put the heat totally up for a while and use a wooden spoon and stir. Then top the water up in the saucepan and cook your meal as usual. 30 grams of rice is quite adequate for two servings. If you are wondering what the other ingredient is with the rice, it's a small amount of ground almond. It gives a pleasant after-taste. If solanine is an issue for you, it would require that you consume something in the region of 40 whole aubergines and their skins to possibly be affected, though how we have prepared them hopefully helps. Of course, cooking aubergine in oil though does remove any issue regarding, mainly because of the temperature requirement. If you put water and oil in a saucepan, the water heats and boils first and the oil after once a certain temperature has been achieved. As for the frozen aubergine, so much water came from them, you would not believe how much. Haven't yet decided what to do with that half of th aubergine, but will keep you posted.

Or try half a cupful of wholemeal couscous but you may want to add a half a coffeespoon of butter (optional). Obviously don't include ground almonds to the rice option if nut intolerant.

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