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Diary notes: I tried cream coconut, but after i discovered some things for you.

I had often seen that packets of cream coconut and coconut milk and i guess i kind of avoided them. I love the thought of a coconut and eating the coconut meat as they call it and i was going to say that my nan used to sometimes get some coconut cream from Marks & Spencers but of course, we'd all know that was peppermint creamand if the same variety it was then made by Frys. I adored Cabana chocolate bars when they were about and Caramac and sometimes a Bounty but not too often because i wasn't keen on the darker chocolate but that did not mean that i did not sometimes go for Bournville or the Seville Chocolate and that's a very dark chocolate. There weren't many chocolates i wouldn't enjoy to try when i could to be honest, yummy yummy. I still would sometimes want to, they are very nice.

Anyway, I was testing boiliing points of fats, even though with our recipes we start off totally oil free and gradually incorporate for example ' a mustard-spoon' or 'a coffee-spoon' of butter or butter spread or a drip of oil and i recently tried a tiny amount of butter with the remaining drip of vegetable oil i had left and the absolute remaining drip of Chilli Oil i had left, there wasn't even a quarter of a coffeespoon-ful. I used fresh garlic and chopped finger chillies (more orangey than red was one of them and two green and two red), Dried Crushed Chillies, half a teaspoonful of Ground Ginger and the same of Mustard Powder, a teaspoon of Madras Curry Powder (Hot) and extra hot Chilli Powder put it all into a saucepan of water with some lovely new potatoes and added some Cream Coconut and a chopped onion and a half cup of red lentils and the remainders of 4 dried anchovies and two tablespoons of tomato puree and a pinch of celery salt. I would have added turmeric, though not much, but i was out of turmeric, i added a tablespoonful of semi-skimmed milk, (it would be optional). The final result would have been popular with any meat that i have tasted in years past. There were 'use by once opened' dates on the coconut products and this is why i waited so long to use any of it because i did not want to waste any of it. The potatoes were very nice indeed. I used maybe one fifth of the cream coconut. I tried tasting the cream coconut and thought it was nice but it wasn't something i could make a habit of. Since then i tried it with larger potatoes, not these in the photographs (the photographs here are with the new potatoes). I wanted to try it with a more waxy potato. I also added four chopped parsnips and heated it all up as far as i could, different oils and fats have different boiling points so i wanted to see if it would affect the taste. I personally was happier with how it's been done so far in Regenprotec. I didn't think it made any difference. Adding some cream no doubt could have. In the last recipe i also added four getrocknet chillies and a half cup of pearl barley. I was trying Tofoo, yes Tofoo, not Tofu. I love all of these type of products and the veggie burgers are amazing and for example the Linda Mc Cartney range. Quorn i have enjoyed at various times and found that i was interested in the texture of the Quorn chicken pieces at that time particularly. I even wondered about how they would have been in the first recipe here but with economics, that's another meal on another day. The Tofoo, i liked it raw but then mashed all of the ingredients that were in the saucepan and added it and put a lid on the saucepan after it had heated on reasonably high for one minute and left it. Obviously the water from the first and last recipe was drained away, some might thing that its the best part, but it's how i do things. The lentils did cause some froth but you try to remove that with a ladle at the time. It was a lovely colour of froth though, a mustardy dark pink. In the last recipe, it wasn't right at first because i used Powder Garlic but then i added fresh too. Personally, i thought the Tofoo tasted better once the saucepan had been allowed to cool with the contents. "How would you eat yours"? And what had i been working on and re-discovered. I try to cut my garment according to the length of cloth available on these matters, but i'll try to explain.

Kindly accept our apologies that on some devices, the text certainly on this page seems to be underlined. It bears no reference to anything, neither is it in any way content effectual. Thank you.

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