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Diary notes: As i said, i re-discovered something.

Some years ago now, on rare occasions, when i could, i visited a natural herb shop which was located in New Cross Road in London. I purchased Dandelion coffee there and loved it. I would sometimes too, travel on a train to Harrods in London to purchase their own brand of Blackcurrant Tea, and i would often then buy some gifts of chocolates for some friends of mine. It was as worth the trip then as i am very sure it would be today. I was in my late teens. Ok, i might have only been able to buy one box of chocolates, sometimes two and one packet of Blackcurrant Tea but it was so delicious. Sometimes too i'd visit what were, 'The Chenil Galleries', in Kings Road, Chelsea. It was a ground floor with a basement, the ground floor was full of antique stalls and display cabinets of amazing and lovely things. But in the basement, i think you went down some steps, or it might have been at the far rear of the place. There was a coffee machine and a coffee bar built around it, there would be a steam coming from the coffee machine and the bar that encirled it though it was on the right side near a wall, seated maybe 18 people. Tall stooled seating, the stools might have had red plastic covering and the stools metal legs. It was a nice place. All you would do there is to sit and drink a coffee. It was fantastic, i'm sure it must have been amazing to work there and probably still is, though i only went there on some Saturdays. Anyway, i wanted to find dandelion coffee again recently and found a bag of it for sale home grown at a farm in Herefordshire. I received delivery of it only days ago and my photo, especially with reference to the last sentence on the previous page, is not the best photograph in the world. I had three cups of this on the first day but had no other coffee on the first day. It neither tastes nor looks like the dandelion coffee i remember but it has a uniqueness. Of course, i since remembered that the coffee then was Dandelion and Burdock and came in a tin. Some could think that this site or the practices within could seem possibly prohibitive to some. With all considered, ok, lard for example, made from lovely pigs, or their fat, is said to help with the absorbtion of some vitamins. You can eat a bowl of some breakfast cereals and obtain a percentage of some of those too and even a ten minute jaunt in the sun can help re-boot your vitamin D levels. I think you might find that this drink can prove helpful and i hope that if you try it, you enjoy it. Savour it. Some are allergic to dandelion, some itch and find that they get mild skin irritation. If you are allergic to things like yarrow, chamomile, sunflower, daisies or marigolds, please do not drink this coffee/drink. According to U.S.National Institute of Health (Medline Plus Website), Some may experience increased stomach acid and heartburn, upset stomach and diarrhoea when using dandelion. Therefore, avoid drinking these products if you use , products that reduce stomach acid. Dandelion interracts with some drugs, consult your healthcare advisor if you take any prescriptive medications. As i said, it looks and tastes nothing like the Dandelion and Burdock coffee that i still remember and loved.

Don't forget, you can still contribute to the website and delivery via the link in the menu, i'm sure the link does work. And whoever you are, i hope that you are doing fine. Really! And thank you for using the website/s.

I have found that this coffee or drink can look more presentable if put through a strainer, but apart from the piece of stalk which happened to be in this cupful only, the bits in it taste quite nice and have a nice texture. You might like to try adding a coffeespoonful to a half spoonful of your own brand of coffee or a weaker coffee if trying to reduce caffeine. Even if once daily, or even on alternate days.

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