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Diary notes:

Chop your pink onions finely and put into a saucepan with water in it. Then add up to half a bag of frozen garden peas possibly even up to 400 gramms. Boil the onion and pea mixture. When it softens reduce heat and turn off heat briefly and carefully try to mash it down, if you have a blender, you could mix it in a blender with a small amount of cold water then add to water in saucepan and bring it to the boil. Ok it won't look like it does in this suggestion if blended but the taste negotiable. Add two cloves of garlic chopped finely.

Add some finely chopped or broken up caringly and as small as you can get them dried anchovies. If you have been using Regenprotec or indeed you will already still have some of these in your food cupboard along with the herbs and spices etc you'd have built with your store. As for the dried anchovies, i usually say a quiet thank you to them as with if ever using an egg. If you ever order take aways or visit restaurants or know of others who do or even if you see or know of great chilli sauces, this will be where you'll want to pick that container out of your regrigerator and add no more than half a level teaspoonful. Switch of the saucepan and wash the egg and place it into the pea and onion mixture. Put lid on saucepan. let it cook on it's own, there is no hurry.

Your meal should look something like this. If you are really not wanting to add egg, you can add some uncooked pear pieces. The important factor on this is that frozen peas are approximaqtely 86 calories per 3 tablespoonfuls. As you enjoy your meal, calculate, add them up. 2 x 3 is ? Chilli sauce will also contain calories, as example, one teaspoon of ketchup is usually or at least was approximately 70 calories. And how many bowls within two days? Serves 6 (approximately). Very tasty!

Without the egg or pear, this suggestion could too be nice potentially with some pork cut into very thin strips.

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