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First three months

Hello to you. Some of you may have noticed the comment on the main homepage about changes that seem to have happened with regard to my having not been able to pick up my drinking alcohol situation.

I was not a weekly drinker anyway but i had got into a habit of drinking alcohol every ten days or so, or every fortnight. Whilst Ienjoyed the company and even some of the banter and social aspects of meeting those i may recognise or know via social media, or meeting friends known for considerable times for example, changes have happened. I do only eat usually the types of food on this website. I cannt say that it might be a natural progression or that i will not want to drink again but i have a feeling that i will not.

I had when asked by Doctors often said when asked how much alcohol i consume, that i consumed only four or sometimes six glasses of for example wine, over a ten day period and sometimes during three weeks. It would under many normal circumstances be fine or acceptable to do this. Then a Consultant wrote to me and asked were the alcohol consumptions of four or to six glasses of wine all on or during one evening. I said yes, and then we realised where the problem was. Since three months i had not drank alcohol, neither have I wanted to. It is not the same as it was before but I asked myself, if I can expect or imagine that any would or could stick to a food eating and management program such as Regenprotec or the many other great information sources and companies enjoying serving you all and seeing such immense wonderful progress and how some of you inspire so much, then it should not be so difficult.

There was a evening a week ago where I'd missed the company of others presumably, and wanted to go out. I went to a bar and i did feel stupid and out of place drinking water, but they do have businesses to run and livelihoods to maintain. The following week I, last week, I had twenty ponds sterling and wanted to go out. I went to the bar again and thought 'oh, i've got enough to drink bottles of water for a few hours'. When I got there, the barperson said hello and as he is friendly anyway, said "glass of wine"? I stared at him briefly and said ok just one small glass, i ended up having four. It was a nice evening and I am so glad and thankful that I got home safely that time. It was a panic situation and I shall try to avoid that in future.

Since then, during the day if i needed a drink, yes i went into two pubs/bars during lunchtimes, but I asked for lemonade with lime and a sprig of mint (hence photograph). The next time I asked for cranberry juice with a slice of fresh lime. That was a real quencher, followed then by just cranberry juice but he used the same glass as before so there was still lime in it, topped up with ice. Give it a try. Other photos are of /from where i went to a funeral recently of a friend of twenty years who had become a recluse. Also of where i had been visiting charitable support group, and when I met friends in London and also within the past few months when I went on a train. The amazing thing about that photo if we think of design of buildings and smog, is that it was not thankfully a smoggy type of day at all. Look very closely at it. Fantastic! And the photo looking through a window at a blackberry bush. I thought of bees and smiled thinking that although probably oblivious, they would enjoy it. Another thing, it's lovely to see your breakfast cereal in a bowl when you do eat it and know that you have some cranberry juice in your refrigerator.

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Cranberry juice with fresh lime and ice.

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