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Hetties Pagina

This recipe requires preparing dried spaghetti so allow at least 12 hours. But i think you will be surprised and tastily too. Ingredients: Approximately just less than a third packet of a 500gramm packet of dried spaghetti. This amount from a packet was used and it made three items. Three large flat mushrooms One green chilli 5-7 dates (from a packet of). Two pieces of baby sweetcorn from a pack A soupspoonful of lemon curd (from a jar of).

Wash and then break into 2" pieces the spaghetti and place into a fridgeproof container and fill to just above the spaghetti with cold water. Microwave the spaghetti on high for 3 minutes and remove from the microwave. Leave the spaghetti in the container for 12 hours, stir gently and cover and put into refridgerator. Next day.... Mash the water drenched spaghetti. Middle to high shelf in oven/ heat oven to just over 2oo degrees. Trim the stalks from the mushrooms and wash the mushrooms in cold water Remove the stones from the dates if not pitted (already done). Chop finely some of the green pepper as much as in photo below and similarly with the baby sweetcorn wash and chop (feel free to munch on the remaining sweetcorn bits later). Divide the dates into a group of 2 and three. Divide the mashed spaghetti into 3 portions. Mix the 3 dates with the chopped green pepper and add to one of the spaghetti portions and mix well and fill one of the mushrooms with it. Do the same with the two remaining dates and a portion and similarly with the lemon curd and the chopped baby sweetcorn and the last spaghetti portion.

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