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Not with drink

Maybe you haven't stopped drinking alcohol and are not so much of a drinker as much as that you have been known to enjoy a drink occasions but more recently you have noticed that as much as you love the company and the ambience, that you yourself making some changes and your need for alcohol if it ever really was such is or seems to be deminishing.

Sure you love to see the staff at venues and met up with those you have come to become acquainted to or with or friends with, but you know that your are changing too.

Yes the emotions and thought processes can be difficult at first but it's a bit ike stopping smoking, you wonder about the links you have formed and how those links too if broken may have an affect on your immediate circle/or circles and of course, some inks go way back too so there are too all kinds of loyalties involved, or perceived loyalties and the importance that you and other individuals may place upon them.

There is also your own personal, and their integrity, and you know yourself. Respect and a trust does come into it too i'm sure.

This suggestion, as with most on this site is/are ideally to be used not in conjunction with alcohol. Sure, if you do drink, you may well come back to this site but only when wanting to get back on track or even to help stay on track too. And not in conjunction ideally with other food stuffs that some might choose to purchase and consume 'if' you'd been drinking.

Of course, you can eat before you go out or whilst out if drinking and best to eat before the drinking because you'll surely feel less likely to binge eat after or even for days after.

Ingredients: Pasta 300grams 1 scottish mackerel fillet Frozen diced onion Frozen sliced peppers Reduced salt vegetable stock cube 1.5 tablespoon tomato puree Minimal salt Ground white pepper Ground black pepper

Put the pasta in to a saucepan and fill it two times more than the level of the pasta with cold water, rinse the pasta then tip half or the water away and refill. Add no more than a pinch of salt Cut the fillet into smaller pieces an place in small saice/frypan with water and the peppers (1 cup of) and the crumbled stock cube and half cup of diced onions. Cook on fairly high heat the mackerel then simmer. Once the pasta is cooked add the tomato puree in and add the sauce to the pasta.

Garnish with minimal ground peppers and especially if you microwave some (as in photo) next day (2 minutes in microwave approximately).

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Photo shows equivalent of two servings (if watching weight)

Suggestion serves 5 / 5 servings.

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