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A seasonal variant

I had thought about creating this recipe over a few weeks but only today got to work on it. I was so happy about how it came out especially with it being holiday season. If i say that this was as tast today as yesterday. Yesterday i found that it tasted better unheated/cold but you will see that this is such a multi-dimentional recipe with so many twists, tastes and totally delicious contrasts, i hope you will love it even more than i did.

Also, remember, this is a seasonal recipe so i hope you enjoy a slight break from and difficult regimes regarding some of the content. I so hope you like this!


One large swede

a medium or two smaller brocolli

One cooking apple

Chillies as per the photo (include half of a Komodo chilli so be VERY careful indeed).

Do not leave any bits lying around if you have children or pets.

One heaped very small teaspoonful or slightly more than level teaspoonful of normal teaspoon of cinnamon (Ground)

" " " " " " " " " " " " " Ground cloves

One heaped teaspoonful of garlic salt

One 290gram tin of pitted prunes in juice (not syrup)

One piece of root ginger as per photo

One 40g bag of dried mango

A quarter coffee cup of both Brown AND red lentils so one cup of combined lentils

One vegetable stock cube

Optional: One large pink grapefruit

One 8" or thereabouts sweet or unsweetened pastry case

Gravy granules

One bag of Aunt Bessies Sage & Onion stuffing balls

3 Ryvita dark rye crispbreads

Totally optional and only during this month December:

One blob per serving of ice cream or similar

Gravy granules

Ice cream

If nut intolerant or if gluten free pastry has suited you better or you have been advised to use, please check packaging.

Also on lentils and dried fruit products, check packaging to discover if items are packed in processing plants where nuts are also packed.

I did not set out to create a recipe which tasted at times 'meaty'. And there is no way that it could have tasted as such because there is no meet in it. This was one for me, only one of the experiences with this recipe.

I shall also list items that you might like to add should you choose.

Photos above:

First steps: Remove the skin from the swede and cut into slightly bigger than 1" slices and then into cubes.

Put into saucepan of cold water and rinse.

Chop your chillies and remove the skin from the ginger root and cut into very small tiny squares.

Remove the core and the skin from the cokoking apple and cut the apple int 6 pieces and add to the water. Top up if required.

Add the garlic salt and crumble the stock cube on top

Put on heat.

Click on photos to enlarge

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