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Blow out binge

Whatever your circumstances, be it limited resources or if on a yacht sailing the med or something, with the best of intentions, when it comes to things like drinking or other issues, errors sometimes occur.

Personal errors. I had known that I needed to go to get some shoe polish and found that although I hadn't even considered it, and I was not rushing, which can sometimes be a tell-tale trait, I was being quite methodical. I went to the shop where they sold shoe-polish and then to a pub. My excuse then to myself was that it might be nice to see some that I may have chatted to in that pub in times past. I even made a drink last two hours and then the next, even though deliberately 'small' glasses of wine.

I managed to stay within my limit but only just. The last drink I purchased was a large glass of wine, I took one sip from it and placed it on the bar and left the pub.

In times past I have wondered about whether it is what we eat after a drinking binge that causes or can cause problems. I did some research and found a site

On their site, it was confirmed of how alcohol excessively can cause harm and problems, I shall try to explain to you. You need certain components to work correctly within your body. If one of these component although it may be working fine, produces an element that helps you to burn down for example some fats and harmful material or lessen that calorific load.

If overdoing it on the alcohol binge causes those elements to weaken, they will not do their function properly. This could also possibly then put a strain on other parts of your body to compensate or cause your organs to work way too excessively. Drink water too.

I personally don't want to visit a pub again whilst i do not feel confident as to the outcome upon myself personally.

I have bills to pay too, including paying for these websites. It's very very tough.

Excuses are excuses, there is often a constant flow of customers in pubs even when you are not there, they are not reliant on only the income you bring in and they are trained to behave like that as welll and as easily as to kick you out if you misbehave. You will not be helping your situation unless you take steps to deal with or resolve your situation.

Drinking your money away is not going to do that.

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Posted: 14th August 2019

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