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Of indeterminable explanation.

Some of you could think sometimes, that when a post here states, "i'm working on a recipe, shall post soon" that when a new recipe doesn't transpire so quickly, that it means nothing is really happening. There are so many recipes on his site if you look, and thank you for doing so. Sometimes, if for example i think, that i have a great idea i save up and get to the shop and as with a few days ago, not one of the shops i visited seemed to have one of the ingredients but i had in the meantime purchased the other ingredients so i actually felt a bit dumfounded, but it's ok. And there are other times like recently when recipes simply dont come out quite as hoped, or do they? When it's been mentioned before that some suggestions just don't get into the Regenprotec website, it wasn't a lie. Individual components of the recipes 'amazing' but when recipes don't taste quite like they are 'achieved', a rule Regenprotec certanly for myself, is that even if the recipe doesn't come out so as i'd hoped that i still have to eat it anyway, fortunately those are tasting nicer than they did in the earlier days. And it's still a pleasure. If i see a couple of grains if for example using a duram wheat product, that dropped onto a chopping board, I don't ignore it, i do think of those who do not have two pieces of grain and i don't waste. Did you notice some photos in the last recipe showing that, or did you wonder what the photos were about? Thank you anyway.

Here are some photos of two quite recent recipes that didn't get onto the website as actual recipes, not yet anyway. The individual ingredients are superb, or maybe if cooked in a different way. Or maybe it is just about personal taste, health considerations and availability and certainly often economics and mood and concerns too? Should it not with all of these factors together, therefore all taste great? It's not about compromising values, but appreciation of. I admire those who break the cooking barriers and come up with amazing wonderful foods. It's all incredible. Whatever your health, or whether vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, all groups. It's all incredible. Ok, some food has to be prepared in certain ways and that can upset some but hopefully if we take some kind of back seat and just quietly look at it all, it'll all resolve itself. I kind of adjusted to it even though a recipe I created where I'd put something unusual with this wonderful sweetheart cabbage which on it's own just on it's own with salad or some small potatoes or even meat would have incredible flavour too. Sometimes my teeth are slightly sensitive, so to have cooked something that actually made me feel those sensitivities slightly whilst eating it was not nice. Be assured though, that fortunately, all of the recipes and suggestions on the website they have all passed our strict taste and texture and flavour tests and more. Fulfilment and moderately.

I'll also post a back link to that recipe so you can see the photos for yourself if you want to. Thanks again. I am kind of working on a few suggestions presently and i'm still quite busy on something else i'm working on and i'll update you on that fairly soon, as soon as i can. But think of longevity, i try to, so often. There is no hurry.

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