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BBR? Hows your bounce back rate?

Some would not have even been searching online yesterday for an article like that posted here yesterday. For some it might be a few days or four or maybe never actually ever, caught up in a turmultuous cycle of what exactly? Say for example that rather than posting the item yesterday and having constructed it i had noticed the article and it was so far from my regime to try something like it, that instead i ate maybe somehing less healthy as i may have done every other day before and simply continued. Would it be that at that time i could not face something like that or that maybe i hadn't been to the shops yet so it was easier to move on and not bother and stay with the usual regime. Or that maybe the actual triggers to do that which we might usually do on a daily basis foodwise had already been set and habits therefore formed? What for you is your normal eating regime? Is it a variety where possible which some including Regenprotec would say that if in moderation is good, or do you have other triggers that might cause you to go down another route sometimes and then it can take a while even if only a few or four or so days to bounce back and get back on track?


What are those triggers? One reason for creating the post yesterday was to establish whether you may simply be totally dehydrated. It's fine to think but ok i do actually drink quite a bit, but how much water do you drink? Fatigue and stress and tiredness and effects of medications and even daily life as in the norms of life that we all know too well can all have an effect. There are not many businesses that would not want you to be well and making informed decisions for yourself and those you know.  


To be caught up in a whirlwind of discontent and uncertainty, and lacking in confidence possibly because you might not be making those right decisions sometimes is not doing you or anyone else any favours.

And for what? Because you did not realise that you might be dehydrated? Now how's that BBR?

The stimulant affects of some drinks can too have an affect on your decision making and even your overall bounce back rate, if they did not there would not for example be notices saying not to drink and drive. No doubt copious amounts of fresh coffee may do too and the haziness if you do neither may also have an affect. Chances are that if you do neither you may not actually be so worried about not being able to handle your weight and you might be generally happier anyway even if as funny as it may seem, you might not realise it. Now that is funny!


The reason i added the celery if you had read the initial pages of Regenprotec is because it helps to break down some sugar strands. Fresh tomato juice would have been nice too had i been able to find some but you can try that. Even if you were to venture out to a pub for example, if your BBR tends to be slow, try asking for maybe a tomato juice and orange juice mixed with a soda water and some ice (especially if the weather is hot) and yes get a pint of it but maybe try half first. Enjoy yourself!


Get your BBR sorted and take a look at actually getting to grips with some of the issues that may be causing you to remain in a spiral of uncertain or even seemingly a pre-destined future. Bounce back, actually see what needs to be done, look, give yourself the time to do it and once you actually start and make those first steps, realise where you are at. It can only be positive and good that you achieve.

Make the changes, don't forget our initial steps pages on our homepage. As for the other ingredients, i shall add yesterdays homepage, if there are matters poignant, know i was thinking of these matters.  Similarly, if you eat a meal that you know may be similar to your norm, sure enjoy it, every place has a place,  know your BBR

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