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Cabbage and broccoli soup

Breakfast cereal was still firmly back on the menu with black coffee and now lemon with the green tea which i made in a pot when i hadn't got tea bags. I only tried the tea bag version of green tea with lemon twice, they were a bit of a treat.


In my fridge i had 3/4 of a cabbage which was so over the sell by date (500g) Broccoli which was very slightly over the sell by date and some scotch bonnet chillies. The cabbage and the broccoli was chopped and placed into a pan of cold water, the scotch bonnet chillies were de-seeded and placed on top. Also added was one tablespoonful of tomato puree. I was eating no processed foods at all as part of my initial rethink/strategy so it was ok to add salt but i had decided minimally. The vegetables taste so nice though i wonder whether too much salt which agreeably is an enhancer doesn't detract from the food sometimes anyway. Added also, lots of ground black pepper (maybe just under a good half of a level teaspoonful). Also was added 2 medium cloves of garlic and almost at the end of the recipe  3 heap tablespoonfuls of green lentils/lentils verte. And i remembered that since way before christmas i'd had a piece of ginger root in my fridge. The outer skin of the ginger was removed and chopped and added too. I would suggest adding the lentils after half an hour of cooking this soup and the ginger i would chop very finely. The cloves of garlic obviously had skins removed and were flattened under the side of a kitchen knife and then chopped.


It would be nice to have put this whole lot into a larger pot with a piece of bacon (not that i have ever tried that) IF YOU ARE NOT ON A DIET OR A 100% VEGGIE DIET feel free to do that or keep the suggestion in mind for a later date or until you have lost your weight. If muslim please accept my apologies for the bacon addition. i did mean a bacon joint but if you have a few rashers of bacon in your fridge and providing you aren't wanting to lose more than 14lbs and if you have JUST STARTED dieting this week, you may add. But no more than 2 rashers of bacon and finely chop them. If dieting, when the soup is done, you must scoop any fat residue off the top of the finished soup and dispose of it. The bacon then sources as a hint of flavouring.  Bring to boil and simmer for one and a quarter hours. Electric cooker mark 2 or 3 (of 6).

LEAVE THE STALK IN THE POT. The format for recipes does change later on and i chat less.

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