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Careful meal replacement: Some might think boring, smile and ignore them.

Sometimes with this somewhat epic adventure whilst we can think of the creamiest pasta you've maybe ever made and it actually is by Regenprotec standards and yes without eggs or cream or butter, i will get around to putting that recipe together.


Sometimes we take another route and sometimes with good reason also good reasoning.


I thought very carefully about various items posted on the homepage and this is where i ended up today.   It's not harsh. I tried it a few days ago,  I actually prepped a drink a few days ago but used some tomato puree too but not much.


I wasn't able to ource raw beetroot for this, so i am using the packet type which is fine but if it says it will last 3 days on the packet, make sure it does if using it like this.


Ideally you might want to use tinfoil and bake fresh beetroot in an oven for a couple of hours but to be quite honest had i been able to source raw beetroot i would too have felt totally safe about microwaving it for ten minutes in a plastic tray/food container.


As i didn't try it i couldn't ascertain whether i might have added a little water to the microwave container too or not, maybe yes. I like boioled beetroot too but i cannot say i'd have used conventional saucepan boiled beetroot to do this. You'll need a blender.








You might think it tastes horrible at first but you can adjust to it, it may make your tongue feel a bit numb but its ok. Think of what this will do to your metabolism and the positive affects that this can not fail to have.


I am on lemon, ginseng and ginger tea and very occasionally instant coffee with very small milk occasionally too. I'd have included added tomato juice had i found any.

The first items once trimmed,the celery (5 full stalks),  i only trimmed the cut ends. i put some of the top bits in too. The first lot with a nectarine4 and the amount of blueberries in the photo, and one beetroot plus an optional tiny piece of the nectarine zest.


Try to chop the celery up and put some water in the blender and blend it.

This will make two virtually full pints of liquid.


When you have drank that, there should still be maybe two inches of remaining liquid left in the blender.

Then trim and wash and try to chop the couple of carrots and add with another beetroot and another nectarine and blend. It will make another pint.


Do same again next day.


I may do a kind of salad today too but no other food other than half a full small tin of mackerel in brine if you are choosing this option, with grated carrot and chopped mushrooms.

For some it may seem as though you are 'spreading yourself too thin'.. By all means rest, i have had food like this before, if you don't like it but still want to, make a start and try it again.

It is a 'meal replacement option'.

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