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Don't you just love it, you've woken up an are not exactly feeling on top form and then you realize you have forgotten to buy or couldn't get to shops to buy some milk.


But....... you know that you have to eat something? I did wonder about munching on a stick of celery but couldn't bring myself to do it.

Even though celery breaks up sugar strands supposedly/ apparently/ i do remember that being said by a reputed person.


Anyway, i found that i could enjoy the taste of most cereals if not too sweet but rarely used them at all. I remembered on even some of the rare occasions when i may have had cereals in the past putting more than what would be a normal recommended amount of sugar on, but genuinely not often.  I would get through a box of cereal in maybe 3 or 4 days so i had to stop buying them. So again, it wasn't the fault of the manufacturers but very much my own for not limiting myself and possibly also because i may not have had much food in at the time.


Anyway, there was enough milk to have a coffee and i poured some boiling water into a coffee-cup and then carefully poured the water from the coffee-cup onto my cereal. The cereal expanded and was how i can like it even though today i couldn't eat cereal without milk and was glad to have got to a shop to get some. I had not much money so had to budget wisely. I purchased some toilet tissue and some milk from the supermarket and some apples from the local market. I then was left with less than half of what i went to the shop with in actual cash so that was the best 'on the day' option.


I have though switched for the time being from semi-skimmed milk to fat free milk. Costwise it is the same. I put the milk in my fridge and tried half a cupfull yesterday it was delicious and great on cereal and in coffee too today. And surprisingly i didn't have to use more of it either. So thanks to the farmers and the cows for that and for the rain and the sunshine which provided the food for the cows to much on and all involved in the various processes and transportation and the retailers.

The breakfast bowl is maybe 7" in diametre (across) the photo on the left is with hot water added (no sugar) then i put a similar amount of cerel into my other bowl (both from a charity shop)  to show you the difference.


It was :23rd of February, i had lost 23.5lbs since the beginning of January even though i had to re-catch up again from gaining 2lbs.

So don't be alarmed if this happens. I have known of days with no weight decreade at all and doing everything right. You have to stick at it!

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