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Diary notes:

So no, i didn't cook a formal christmas meal. I did have a few mince pies and was not fearful as it was winter of the weightgain.


I tried on some clothes which i had not worn in a year or so and i could tell that weight had crept on and was not impressed at all. Has it been easy to change since a month or so ago? The answer can only be that it has seemed to be a almost natural progression though too with it's choices, decisions and results or not as the case may be.


I now presently do not eat bread or pastry products and i have stopped using butter or ghee again and even milk whether semi skimmed or not. Today i was really hankering for a bread roll and i decided to go to the shops and i had already decided not to take the offer of four bread rolls for xxx amount of money but to purchase only one bread roll and appreciate it as a total treat for the time being.


Another thing i considered recently,  rather than buying a whole loaf of bread, to buy a shop made sandwich with some nice salad in it and then ease off on bread for a few days and how the adjustment kind of works, n testing and monitoring over a short time whether weight changes along with other minor changes you put in place can only help whatever plan or structure you may be on.


I was glad that the item of clothing i tried on during winter......i tried it on to throw a coat over it and go to the shop and noticed it was not so tight as before. I then decided not to go to the shop but to type this instead.


Coffee is still way less than in previous weeks. If i am going to have a coffee i think it's nice to savour the experience rather than just take it for granted.  

Some say that breakfast should be the best meal of the day but i believe that can depend on on its fiber content as in it should therefore contain more roughage. A good cereal. But during the day small servings but a few during the day with herbal or green tea or fruit infusion.


This is pasta cooked with kale so that the stalks soften even though i think kale is nice lightly cooked with some green beans on their own so they are still a bit crunchy.


This though is well cooked with a few green beans thrown in too and a vegetable stock cube. Drain the pasta after cooking.


I kind of feel that how i am at the moment though much of it was worry, concern and possibly grief and winter is rather like the initial steps or Tier 1 of Regenprotec or but i don't want to eat eggs presently, i like eggs though, soft or hard boiled they are nice, i don't drink so much coffee now anyway.  I did wonder about a kind of omelette earlier though it wasn't an omelette. I may actually do that in due course because it seemed very tasty as i thought about how i might like to cook it.

I could too, but i'm not going to.
Not yet anyway.

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