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Diary notes:

I'd purchased two cabbages, one of them was kind of quite small and dinky, also i had a punnet of mushrooms in the refrigerator that would have gone over /past their reasonablest the next day so once trimmed and washed with the chopped the smallest of the two cabbages and added two chopped pink onions and they were all boiled together.

A few spicey things were added too but not to overpower the taste of the cabbage, to complement or there is no point in having it in the meal i guess  unless you didn't like the taste of cabbage too much but liked the texture, they added flecks of colour which kind of made the colour even nicer.

I felt that it was a happy cabbage at least.

The cabbages are not the savoy type which would have been equally as delicious.

I cut into my hand slightly with the knife whilst cutting the onion but it was ok. Maybe it was excitement.

I added two vegetable stock cubes. It made two servings of this size.

I didn't eat it all but slept like a log almost immediately after, i know i had messages coming through on my phone but was too dosile. The remainder of what was left in the saucepan was put through a sieve or it might have been a collander, the washing up was piled up so high in the kitchen, well it seemed high by my standards. It didn't require spraying with disinfectant yet, it was reasonably close though. The remainder was transferred to another saucepan, i remember thinking but if the temperature of the saucepan gets so hot anyway, why bother but somehow it kind of does something, respectfully we have cookers, ot holes in the floor with burning logs. And even then i believe that those with such would do the same anyway somehow. 5 medium to smaller potatoes were washed and with skins on chopped into smaller pieces, water was added and then the potatoes boiled until soft. No butter was added, i don't have anyway neither milk. No salt was added to the potatoes or pepper then they were mashed and some spring onions cleaned and chopped and added. Then a tomato trimmed and added to complement.

The meal was placed in refrigerator and allowed to totally cool which helped the spring onion infuse into it too.

I had one cup of black coffee so far today.

Savoy cabbage with plum

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