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Diary notes:

In a kind of attempt to address and consider no salt being added to a meal and no stock cube plus portion size and a meal i put two recipes together which i hope can demonstrate keenly.

In the first recipe no salt at all was added and no stock cube either, it really did make me question how tolerable no salt options would be, the difference was kind of not easy at first tastewise but if you just think of it as tasting the actual food ingredients without enhancement, it does work well.

I mentioned this before on some of the recipe pages.

The egg used is kind of optional because the basil puree can still be added after just before serving and maybe slightly less ysed in such circumstances.

If you put the contents from a regular bag of curly kale into a saucepan with some water in it and boil it, it will reduce fairly quickly, the Kale though can be stalky if not cooked properly or according to the instructions on the packet but i don't mind that personally.

Clean and chop some spring onions and if using an egg, put it into a mixing bowl or jug and stir briskly maybe with a fork.

Then add some basil puree and stir it in.

If not using an egg stir the basil puree in maybe a few minutes before you drain off the pasta which you'll add or soon after if you want a more stronger element of basil or don't add as much as you might consider otherwise.

Put some pasta in with the curly kale and let the stalkiness boil out, remember this was/is for effect.

Add a half teaspoon of dried oregano to the cooking kale and pasta.

Add the chopped spring onion but remember you want to keep their crunchiness so don't add them too early.

When the pasta has softened and you are ready to drain the water off, whilst the pasta is hot then blend in the egg and basil mixture. Or add shortly before draining the pasta or add less basil puree if adding after without an egg, maybe reduce by up to even two thirds that which you see in the photo.

If you feel that you cannot add the egg mixture so quickly after the pasta was drained, leave maybe a tablespoon of the pasta water in the saucepan and then reheat and stir in the egg and basil with a wooden spoon carefully after. The idea is to cook the egg mixture onto the heat of the pasta.

Add no salt or stockcube at any point.

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