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This weightloss strategy is not easy or at least it wasn't then. Now it is fine, that is why i created the legal page early on (in the main menu).

I used to see overweight people on television and would think that i was sort of absorbing their weight too by feeling so very similar.

It isn't easy not swaying from a plan but do not give up!!!!!!

Drinking alcohol: Sometimes when out i would have  a couple of glasses of wine or even a few. But be mindful of the affect if on any kind of diet or if using this strategy. Be mindful for you and those whom you know how not eating less or eating differently can affect how the alcohol affects you. You may not be aware of it at the time even. BE CAREFUL!  Then of course the often natural thing when i got back to my home would normally have been to eat. Another reason to be careful. Alcohol because of this diet affected me very differently, a greater and quicker reaction time and i was quite dizzy sometimes and earlier. Often something fairly substantial can help. this is something which helped me. For some an apple may suffice or even green tea.


I chopped a third of a largeish onion and finely chopped it, two tomatoes and the

whites of two eggs and microwaved them for 1 minute and then for another minute.

I also put some olives on top for decoration and to add a olive/ saltier taste. It didn't

look exactly nice on the plate but it seemed to sort of do the trick. Some worcestershire

sauce on it would have been nice. If i'd had some worcestershire sauce i would have

used no more than a teaspoonful.

Left photo: Third of a largeish onion chopped finely, 2 tomatoes 2 eggwhites and 5 olives cut  in half. (a couple of  

jalapeno peppers would have been nice in this too maybe).


The photo is before microwaving (2 minutes).

I was neither a vegan nor a vegetarian but i had prevented myself from eating dairy spreads, cooking oil, bread and i seem to have avoided meat too.

Of course, the best hangover remedy would be to abstain. xx

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