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Similarly, why not try it with a red pepper, 5 cloves of garlic and some left over broccolli and green beans. Steam or cook to soften the garlic cloves with the broccolli and potato and use as a stuffing for your pepper with some green beans as a garnish.

These recipes are guidelines and for purposes of trying new ideas or in case you are unsure of even how you can enjoy vegetables and as part of my own attempt to lose weight. You could top the red pepper with some slices of tomato too which would be equally as delicious. I you are a meat eater you could add some mincemeat too to the mixture (no more than 3 tablespoonfuls) but i would advise putting in onto a pan with no oil for a while first with the garlic chopped to remove some of the fat from the meat and do not leave the heated pan (on a low heat) unattended during this process. Sorry about the quality of some of only a few of these particular photos at the moment.

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