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Celery soup (hot) Day 1 of 2 Days

In the meantime, add to a large mixing bowl a 3/4 kettlefull of bolied water. Then put the tomatoes into it. Whilst the tomatoes are in the boiled water flatten and coursely chop the 5 garlic cloves and add them to the soup ingredients. When maybe 5 minutes has elapsed, use a large spoon or kitchen utensil to remove from the water one at a time a tomato. You should be able to lightly pierce the skin of a tomato and when a split occurs use your fingers to remove the remainder of the tomato skin. Then do then next until they are all done. I had heard that tomato skins can be quite bitter in some soups. Cut the 10 tomatoes two at a time on a chopping board or a dish and add them to the soup. Now with all ingredients in the mixture switch the cooker on, then add salt and a generous teaspoonful (level) of ground black pepper and slowly bring almost to the boil. Then simmer on a fairly low heat for an hour. It could be advisable to chop only two scotch bonnett chillies but add the third (de-seeded) which you can remove later if too hot. The celery softens up totally during this process and is the soup tastes very celery with a hot twist, the tomatoes are hardly noticeable tastewise. I had heard that with years of eating fruit that sugars strands can form in the body. Celery is reputed to break down those accumuated sugar strands. It is quite possible that you will eat maybe 2 or 3 bowls of this soup for your evening meal and maybe another at lunchtime the next day. Lemon: If the soup is too hot tasting for you, try adding the juice of a quarter of a fresh lemon to your bowl of soup also on the second day, try eating the soup WITHOUT heating it first, IT IS A TASTY SOUP ANYWAY WHETHER COLD OR NOT. Smoked paprika: Try sprinkling a dusting of smoked paprika over a bowl of this soup to see if you like it. It almost puts a barbecue element to this dish and is a welcome and unusual surprise. Day 2: You should still have an inch or maybe an inch and a half of the soup left in the saucepan. Break up the broccoli head into peices and add to the remainder with more water and some more pepper (NO SALT). And the remainder of the celery cut into peices. Also if liked to soup with the smoked paprika on it, add a decent half level tablespoonful. Also one generous tablespoonful of tomato puree. Then simmer the whole lot for about 45 minutes. The broccoli should get very soft. Enjoy a bowl of this soup and the remainder as an evening meal. If you have a partner i would have maybe add three leeks too (leafy bits removed but not too much and chopped to 1" peices) on day two. And decide between you whether to add paprika or not.

Day 1 of soup. S.5" x 4" approximate size of saucepan.

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