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It is important to get a base weight when commencing a weightloss strategy.Without an accurate start/base weight, how can you set a start.

Vegetables were on my shopping list. Some don't like vegetables but i hope you can also try to make a start if you are not so keen on vegetables.

Before, i'd always eaten believing it was giving me energy to do things and i genuinely did. So balancing foods now and the various foodgroup options tomorrow can be a new but exciting kind of challenge. Trying to keep the meals exciting and tastefully apetizing is something else indeed but it is also a nice positive step in the right direction.

I know that some say you shouldn't snack, but i like to think that it depends on how you snack and more importantly what you choose to snack on and if trying to lose weight especially, why? That doesn't mean you can snack out too often. Rather like buying three packets of biscuits because they say diet on the packet and are half price and eating the whole three packets with a cup of tea? A nice thought, but no. Sometimes of course experimental meals do not turn out as nice as could be hoped. That is an eventuality that unfortunately whilst exploring and losing weight i have decided to endure. I can though show you what i mean. Today grated two carrots (one small carrot and one medium carrot). I did not want to add onion this time. I did though add a chopped tomato and the remaining egg white from the boiled egg which was in my fridge. I did not want to add salt but sprinkled some finely ground chilli and garlic onto it and mixed in the remaining rocket salad. It looked ok as you can see here.

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