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If you are a bread eater and eat lots of bread usually, it is something which by choice i had cut out of my weightloss strategy along with much of what would usually be put onto it.

Try to do odd exersize routines to try to keep up some momentum in the earlier days of this strategy too, even if gentle lifting or depending on your situation, more with correct advice especially if you have health concerns too.

One of the exersizes i tried was to hold onto a secure peice of furniture and lift one leg as far as it will go, then return and do the same again.

Try to do a few to start off with maybe if you are not familiar with exersize and if you can or have been advised to try to. Don't over-exert yourself or cause a strain. See how you feel after and if you managed to do a few on your right leg then try to do same on your left leg too left leg. It won't be easy but if you have been told you should try to exersize by a doctor or physician or if you have no serious health issues consider giving it a go but don't over-do it. It might be nice to feel that you are attempting to re-start somehow.

It had been a few days since exersizing and i think it is important to try (particularly if dieting), and moreso, we can't all afford plastic surgery to have excess skin removed surgically. I was tempted to eat one of the remaining boiled egg (in my fridge) but decided on some green tea instead as it is said to have beneficial properties if wanting to lose weight.

Lunch: I never ate 'lunch' before, i would often snack when i could, a pasty here and there, But it is nice to have some structure in meals too.

I had bought a packet of rocket salad which had gone a day over its sell-by-date because i wasn't sure what to do with it. I decided to make this omlette style lunch. Place a good deal of rocket (or spinach/ i hadn't tried it with spinach but would imagine the result to be very similar), then add the eggwhites of two eggs and stir/fold into the rocket salad. Use your fingers to mix it round if you have to but make sure they are clean.

Some years ago when i studied Yoga, i used to eat raw eggs (just swallow them) If you don't like the taste and aren't quite so calorie conscious as i or if you fancy a possible 100 calorie treat, try an egg yolk with a tablespoonful of worcestershire sauce.

Then place the mixture into a microwaveable container/ a plastic container which will not melt under/with the affect of a microwave).

I photographed the underside of the egg/rocket salad meal too, to show you that it is not a bad meal at all! The plate is a regular sized dinner plate, 'not' a side plate. The bit of cracker (photo1) wasn't just for garnishing/decorative purposes. x. The eggwhite holds the rocket salad together really well and it isn't like the repetitive munce sometimes found of eating salad of this type. It cuts a bit like an omlette, the strength of the rocket salad taste is definitely not lost and the tomato is a refreshing accompaniment and adds a very fresh saltiness to the dish. Quite delicious and quite more-ish too.

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