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(Could be fabulous with crusty bread too, but please not too much at all if on a weightloss program).

I do like spiced food. It has been nice exploring some of the spice combinations to add to some of the vegetable based foods which i had been attempting. If you enjoy a curry taste you honestly can't go wrong with this and its a great starter if wanting to learn by this technique too and as you go along, because you'll only buy maybe one, two or a few ingredients each week or when you can, you'll gradually buold up a store. Ingredients: Zest of one half lemon (optional) Half of a white or brown onion one green and one red scotch bonnet chilli (rubber gloves to handle them recommended/preferred) No more than 500grams of potato sliced. Up to 10 brussell sprouts cut in half. 2-3 level tablespoons (tbl) of curry leaves 2 level teaspoons (tsp) of ground turmeric Salt and ground black pepper to own taste De-seed the chillies (with gloves if you can) and chop them and add to baking tray or large saucepan Cut the half onion an add (photo 1) Add the zest of lemon and slice the potatoes up to half an inch thick and add Then halve the brussell sprouts and place on top Then sprinkle the curry leaves on top and add the haldi/ turmeric then add enough water to just about cover nicely. Then put on top shelf of oven (electric mark 3/ med high) for one hour. Or bring to boil and carefully alternate simmering on a medium to low heat for 35 minutes to one hour very much depending on how you prefer your potatoes.

Photo: 'Scotch bonnet chillies', half of onion and clean chopping board.

Click on photo to see larger version.

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