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Eating a few smaller meals during the day will be better than one, two larger meals or far larger meals generally.

The yellow almost goldness of the turmeric with the richness of the sauce and the tenderness of the green curry leaves against the softness and firmness of the potatoes. A hot but not imposing flavour with a curry extention and an added hint of lemon zest which was barely noticeable.

Truly delicious. If i were to add anthing to this recipe, i 'might' like to add 'maybe' an anchiovy or if you decide to stay reading on, who knows what you may create. The advice of course.....if on a weightloss program be very careful about portion size.

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Another reason it's good to have a pair of rubber gloves in your kitchen, is that if you haven't got a plaster and you accidentally cut yourself, you can at least try to continue even if slightly downhearted, providing you clean the cut and providing that you do not need seek medical assistance.

If you are partial to alcohol, it could be worth remembering that alcohol when consumed, converts to sugar and is stored in a different way to other composites. If you drink alcoohol regularly, if also on a weightloss regie, the alcohol will affect you quicker and if you are partial to not being able to stop at a few drinks be that because it's nice to have a night out or you enjoy socializing or you enjoy alcohol, be careful! Try to eat something whilst out or before you go out. Yes i had gone back over the 13stone again to 13stone and 1 and a half pounds. If this happens to you please as much as it isn't nice, try not to be alarmed about it. If determined, you can get back on track.

The food was delicious and though it was disconcerting, the breakfast cereal had started to taste delicious again.

I have mentioned on these pages that exersize is important too i feel (if you can) when trying to lose weight. And to attempt to offset the loose skin which on some if losing huge amounts of weight can be prevalent.

There are various creams available which claim to remove or tighten skin, what they do or how or where is not information i am familiar with. Neither does this paragraph or any of the paragraphs on this website infringe upon or neither endorse at the moment the rights or claims of or by any of such companies. Neither is this remark by default an accusation or remark adversely with regard to such companies and the products which they sell.

Thank you

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