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It tasted totally horrible! The ingredients great. But it just didn't taste right at all.

But it just didn't taste right at all. There will be the odd time when and especially if you are not a vegetable eater things may taste odd, but persevere with it! I was too busy to think to change it and couldn't afford to anyway. I added some basalmic vinegar too in an attempt to try to spruce it up? But the basalmic vinegar seemed to work against the boiled egg- white and even made the carrot seem weak in texture. It could have been nice though with 5 broken walnuts and no more than ten raisins i am sure. But the walnuts and raisins i did not have, so, not wanting to waste food i ate it anyway. Going back to not wanting to waste food being a contributory factor in weight gain. I doubt that what i ate could have done harm. It was all good, just didn't taste as i'd personally hoped. You'll get there! Please find below a photo of a vegetable meal which was prepared in a steamer as part of this diet regime. I hadn't had cauliflower for years. I never knew exactly what to do with sweet potato but they turned out fine. Comparible tastewise to the regular varieties of potato, a nice change none-the-less.

Photo right: 2 regular potatoes, one sweet potato, brussell sprouts, two carrots half of a cauliflower The cauliflower had a bit missing and was discoloured /was the last one in the supermarket/. All steamed in a steamer. There was an extra 2 half of potatoes left too and a few brussels. The potatoes cook faster if sliced or cut in half. I leave the skins on but remove the notchy /dark or green The cauliflower cooks easily anyway

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