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It was only day 26. You see, surprises happen. I had unexpectedly lost another

2lbs (0,907185kg). There will be moments when you could think oh i shall celebrate and binge a little.

Those days will happen but

it is important too sometimes not to undo but to consider the progress made.

I found strong instant coffee was a great help at moments like that. Strong instant coffee with no sugar and very little milk. That day in the evening i cooked a half of a cauliflower in the steamer with some brussell sprouts and a couple of potatoes (sliced).

I realise that for some, the idea of vegetables is not such a great idea or maybe i simply found something i like but i do enjoy all kinds of food. Maybe since stopping smoking my tastebuds are more aroused or stimulated by foodstuffs and tastes? But after a vegetable meal particularly, i seemed to be very regularly starting to acknowledge more often the thought that the meal was 'amazing'. Maybe it has something to do with saying grace and being thankful and appreciating food much more than before like at Christmas or special holidays for example and during any festivity and other or special occasions. You may find that there will be days when you feel a bit odd and it is a big adjustment. I thought of the parable of the lost sheep and found a quiet solace and a quiet extra determination. Try looking it up if you do not know it. I hope it may be a help you too.

I woke up and weighed myself the next day to find that i had put 1lb on. I was furious and there will be days like that, wondering how or what i'd done to put on a pound in weight. I know the batteries in my weighing scales needed replacing but that was no excuse. I was sort of in a peaceful analytical and very pensive mood all day. It was like walking on a small puddle of frozen water with no other route and at the same time wondering if the ice would crack. Make sure if you use battery operated scales that the batteries are fine. Don't give up.

Eating fibre especially in cereal is good for the digestive system. Fibre in the digestive system (among other things) i believe, clings to fat particles which may otherwise be absorbed, helping flush the system out further. Fibre is found in many foods naturally. It is worth checking on.

Having eaten just an apple i was unsure as to what to do for an evening meal. I had wondered about the half cauliflower which i had to consider would last another day if left in my fridge (it is fine). Anyway, i got together one scotch bonnet chilli, 3 carrots and one potato.

Little did i know that it was to pave the way for another diet change and an addition by way of a re-think?

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