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Yes, it was one of those days. I like vegetables. But i thought, "do have to cope with just vegetables again today".

It's a horiible thing to think really but you may have thoughts like that too. I felt quite ashamed of myself but i was aware that as my habits eatingwise were changing, so was my thought process.

Trivia: in 2013 a foodscare in some of the supermarkets regarding the use whether deliberately or not of horsemeat in burgers? I know it sent some horsey lovers up in arms senseless and i am not surprised. But also i'd heard and not from the media that in some countries horsemeat is actually (though i couldn't fathom it myself) a delicacy. The thought of it made me almost shiver. It's not something i'd personally want to try. I don't know why i am thinking of the Dodo at the moment or of that which was once its habitat until its own foodsource was apparently vanquished prior to its own eventual extinction. Some in some countries enjoy to eat escargot (snails). I have wondered about the delicacy known in some countries mainly Arabia, that of Sheeps Eyes? Given as a delicacy to the guest or guests of honor at a table it is/ often said to have been written that westerners having been presented were often so shocked that they fainted. Anyway, i had decided to do my own arrangement of the Arabian delicacy 'Sheeps Eyes'. You might encounter a variety of mood shifts with stresses anyway but they should ease up as you progress. (No sheep were harmed during the creation of this meal).

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