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Regarding the sheeps eyes menu on the previous page: English idiomatic expressions and idioms?

Yes it is said also that sheeps eyes "or making sheeps eyes at" is also a term used amorously and in an inviting way 'inviting glances', so i am quite certain that even our Arabian cousins would never have meant harm by offering 'Sheeps eyes' as a meal, even if just to watch westerners faint. In fact rather even the contrary even?

It may be important for you if wanting to lose weight not to weigh yourself every day.

Then you will see the more noticeable change when you do. Keep focused and do not be dispondent if you have not lost weight.

It happens like that sometimes, the important thing is not to be discouraged.

If changes make you feel a little light-headed or even the thrill of accomplishing your goal having a positive effect, try to use food before it goes past its use by date if you can. Or try to position it so you will see it .

If you ever wonder how to chop an onion into very small peices and not higgledy piggledy do it like this (see photos below).

Then put some water into a saucepan and added the chopped onion. One of the onions was a little sweet and the other more conventional onion taste and quite strong

Cut the onion in half and then place onto a clean chopping board with cut half flat on a board. This soup can also be quite nice if you add some some sweetcorn and a couple of chicken legs (though at the moment i would rather cook the chicken first so that any fat would drain and then add the meat from the cooked chicken. Chicken legs would be good to use for this recipe. Anyway, cut the onion as many times as required (along the grain/ photo 1), then hold the onion and cut along the other way (photo 2) and you'll have onion cut into small equal sized pieces. I then added 7 small potatoes cut into small pieces. Then remove the seeds from the three peppers and chop them finely too. Be careful though if using hot peppers, the oil can rub off on fingers. Wash hands after. Please do not give cats or dogs chicken bones. Chicken bones are said to be very brittle and can split lengthways and can easily get stuck in unknowing pets throats (certainly much more easily than other bones).

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