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2/ 300 gramms cabbage or 3 brussell sprouts

2 small medium potatoes

2 carrots

1 level tsp cumin seeds

1 level tsp fennel seeds.

The green part of some spring onions (optional)

Put the potato, carrots and cabbage (or brussells sprouts, and the optional trimmed green onion stems) into steamer for 30-35 minutes or cook until soft.

Mash the cabbage and potato and add half of one of the carrots and mash that too (the carrot adds a nice dimension to the mash later when in the pepper).

i would prefer to use a pessel and mortar and ground the fennel and cumin seeds but i haven't got one of those so, chop carefully on a chopping board or put on chopping board and press firmly with back of a spoon and add to the mixture. Mix in.

Add a little salt (to your own taste and some black ground pepper)

Remove the seedclump from the pepper and fill with the prepared mixture.

You can eat the remainder of the mixture which is in the bowl with a wooden or a regular spoon if you want to.

I found that the green pepper needs a little longer in the oven (electric mark 3) or 35 minutes in a halogen oven on fairly high heat.

Cut the remaining carrot to garnish plate when ready and sprinkle some ground 'white' pepper on the carrot.

This recipe was re-cooked because the photo quality in the original photos was too poor.

I forgot to get cabbage at shop so i used 3 brussell sprouts instead also the use of the trimmed green stems of the spring onion was something i thought i'd try and it was fine. The original recipe was with cabbage and without spring onion green stems. It was fine.

I added what i consider to be a larger serving of light cream cheese to this as you can see and compare to the other ingredients. Bring the carrot to the cheese. As with use of ketchup on food, bring chips (for example) if you eat them/ if on a weightloss program 'to the ketchup'. Always use fresh produce when you can please.

(Click on photos to view larger photos please. Thank you).

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