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Try stuffed peppers (a real roasted taste and delicious too)

You will need: Large round (capsicum) peppers, they are usually a bit bigger that a tennis ball and almost round, green, yellow/ orangey, yellow, orange and red. 1 large round yellow pepper (and if not dieting, maybe a small piece of cheddar cheese to mix in with ingredients or as a topping) Half a brown onion (chopped finely) 500gram sliced potato steamed (slices approximately 3/4") Steam the potatoes with skins on and the carrot for 35 minutes Use a potato masher and mash some of the potato and half of the carrot together add the raw onion and some salt and ground black pepper (do not add milk or butter) then remove the top end of the pepper and take out the seedlump. Fill the pepper with the mixture and place on a baking tray in the centre of an oven (electric mark 3) for maybe 45 minutes or halogen oven (as here for 35 minutes). If you haven't eaten much during the day have a couple of the potato slices which have cooked until the pepper is ready. Use the remainder of the carrot and cooked potato as an accompaniment. Feel free to eat the remaining mashed potato and carrot and onion with a spoon. With a green pepper i think you should leave it in oven a bit longer. But with all of them, the longer you leave it the more roasted the taste. The green pepper option certainly does tast different to the red or yellow/ but as do they all to each other. If you like the sweeter taste i'd go for the orange and the red is just a nice taste and rich in b vitamins etc (so i'd heard). Similarly try it with red pepper but use potato, a 3/4 whole head of broccoli and a handful of green string beans and 2 extra large cloves of garlic or 4 regular sized ones. But put the garlic on top of the potato in the steamer and mash with some of the potato and some of the broccoli. Use the green beans or some sliced carrot, the reason there are both in this photo was because we used different ingredients for our stuffed green pepper recipe/suggestion. You might actually be surprised slightly, Yes, we trimmed some spring onions and the green bits we used them as part of the stuffing in our green pepper suggestion. The green beans in the photo were frozen and cooked in a steamer, they may look slightly over-cooked but they were nice. The cauliflower was almost past its best but it was fine. Always try to eat fresh produce if you can.

1. Capsicum pepper

and 2 brown onions.

Apologies re steam on the camera lens in this photo.

Stuffed green peppers

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