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Weightwise milestones

I had topped 14.stone & 7.5lbs (203.5lbs) on the scales initially. There will be difficult weeks and the difficulties may not be directly linked with weightloss. But, somehow you may find yourself believing that it is. But stick with it! When you do shift some weight you can wonder about it as i did. Its hard to imagine what potentially that weight constitutes (20lbs of weight). Congratulations to anyone who has achieved more and i do mean it or even 1lb...i know it can bve so very very difficult. I had wondered about how if your body is over your ideal weight what kind of strains it could place. it's fine to consider that 'oh well i can do this/ that / x/y/z etc/ maybe. But, my thinking about it wasn't for that reason today? My thinking was, if we lose the weight how does the recovery process as we get back to how we are possibly actually meant to be affect us? As our organs begin to function without burden of additional weight (if it happens like that). Tiredness often or sometimes certainly in my case can be attributed to weightloss, i hope that as with losing weight. The pain often felt with cravings is 'possibly' maybe not always or necessarily the cravings for food but maybe the bodys own adjustment process. I do realise that my opinion or my thought on this is simply my thought/opinion whilst amidst the actual process. I doubt that it is. So please do check with your GP if unsure. I maintain a respect for food and am appreciative of. Try to learn to eat responsibly certainly if you do not already.

Don't forget to weigh yourself. Get a record of it. A photo or a printout available from some pharmacies and chemists. Then compare

The next page is an example of discovering the spice turmeric (Haldi) and curry leaves and what i thought could be an interesting use of them. And delicious too, if you like a curry experience and have a curry taste.

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