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Yearnings for food types.

I had lost 2stones and 5 lbs in 81 days and had kept the weight off. I did feel more surprised to discover too that i had lost yet another pound in weight (0.454kilogram) and and it does feel a bit nice to (as you may be learning or i hope you shall) in an almost humbling way.

Yearnings for some food types. That was normal. Sometimes for example i had cravings for a nice big piece of battered fish with chips and salt and vinegar and even some mushy peas. That isn't something i would have often anyway (maybe once a year if lucky) but very nice. Sometimes a hankering for sausages (any type) big fat sausages such as pork and celery or beef or even chicken sausages. Even the skinless chipolatas are nice sometimes with a couple of eggs on some toast. Yum. But if on a genuine attempt to loose weight it might be better not to at the moment. Sometimes i even thought of chocolate though very rarely, and i never ever had a chocolate passion as such, but i do like it. Once you have restructured your own set of circumstances with regard to your new management in eating strategy you will and can enjoy those things but carefully and from a position of strength and not weakness but instaed with i hope a meaninful confidence.

I was never the type who particularly enjoyed munching on a celery stick, but i do know that it's nicer once you actually get started. Fresh celery is said to be one of those food groups which uses more calories to digest it than to eat it. In my fridge i had some celery which was going a bit limp. Hot celery soup/ a two day soup but not long to make. If you are not on a diet which prohibits crusty bread and some butter, this soup is excellent to dip into or sup up with. I sincerely hope you shall enjoy the further recipes on this website.

For this two day recipe you will need:

Day 1


10 large Tomatoes (how to skin is in recipe)

1 white onion

1 brown onion


3 scotch bonnet chillies (and maybe rubber gloves if possible?)

5 cloves of garlic

Day 2

Head of broccoli

Lemon (if soup is too hot)

Smoked paprika (optional)

Salt and pepper. And a spoonful of tomato puree.

Start by putting a large saucepan on your cooker and add 1.5 litres of water.

I had bought some brown onions which i have never tried (they are strong tasting), I used the 3/4 remainder of a white onion and a medium sized brown onion. Chop them finely and add to the water. I also added 3 large sticks of celery (cut the ends off, wash them under a cold tap) and chop to 5mm pieces. Also now (with rubber gloves on if possible) de-seed and chop 3 scotch bonnett chillies and add.

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