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Page 2 of the abbreviations are as follows:

Please read page one of the abbreviations and any health warnings associated with.

R2: If you do not drink water before your main meal, try to drink a glass of water half an hour before your main meal.

R3: If you suffer with cramps at night, try to drink a glass of water half an hour before going to bed.

R4: If you can, buy a bottle of sparkling mineral water and drink a whole glass of it half an hour before going to bed. Notice how the colour of your urine is affected by this.

Use your imagination constructively.

P10: Stretching arms and shoulders only.

P11: Stretching legs and feet only.

P12: Lay flat on bed with hands to side and palms flat on bed and attempt to raise legs one at a time.

P13: Lay on your side on the floor or on a very flat firm surface (on a mat or towel). Lay on your side and place the palm of your hand facing the floor of flat surface. For example,

if you are lay on your left side, place the palm of your right hand on the floor or surface and push gently down as you lift your right leg. Hold for a few seconds, lower your leg and relax.

Then do same on other side but lift your left leg.

KR: Lay down on your back on a safe surface like a bed or mat or stand securely and raise knee of one leg slowly toward your chest and hold with hnds if necessary for 5 seconds and relax.

Then do other leg. KR10 = 5 TIMES EACH LEG

KR2P: Same as KR but faster (if you can) if you cannot then do KR.

KR3P: Do as if running on the spot if you can but not as fast, even if on a bed. If you cannot do this fast revert to KR2P. If new to this and you cannot do KR2P yet, start off with KR.

KR4P: Lay on bed and if you can, raise one leg and move your leg as if riding a bicycle, then do other leg for 5 seconds and relax.

KR5P: Lay on bed and if you can, Prepare to slowly raise both legs at same time, as you do this position your hands safely under the back of your waist. One at a time raise both legs up and perform a cycling motion as if on a bicycle. Then slowly lower your legs and relax. Keep hands in position as a support for your lower back and lumber regions until slowly back in laying down position.

4TPS: Like a wide leg squat but hold your arms straight out to the side and bend your arms from your elbows upward with your hands/palms facing in front of you, your hands pointing up and and do the squat movement slowly. Do not put arms down and do not rest until the set is complete. Your arms should be bent from the elbows only. Not your wrists,your palms facing ahead and not at you.

R342PY47: If you have been using this site for more than three months and have been doing the daily abbs routines, you will have gained your own momentum now.

Take a week and choose your own exersizes from the present list on these couple of pages. There are or have been many cliches from many great people with regard to health and well-being.

Choose wisely and do not over-exert yourself.

A ham string can only go so far before it becomes a knot or breaks. But if you perform the routines carefully enough, even a hamstring can stretch. Exersize vigilantly and do not go crazy.

If after a week you feel uncertain or unsure, we would be haopy to know that you logged in to see us again.

Grab a pen and a piece of paper first.

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These daily routines are guides only. Read the above carefully. And do 'obviously' in conjunction 'when/where possible' with a healthy diet.

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