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The information on this page was correct as of October 2013

If you've wondered about adding a fitness tracker to your routine here are a list of a few which for a variety of reasons you may want to check out. I am sure that there are many on the market and all right for the individual individually.

Usually they strap to your arm and track your activity in a non intrusive way, they also can come in a brooch style noting calories burned up, distance travelled active minutes, amount of steps taken and more. There are also apps with some of them so you can even find out whether your friends are on a jog near to you. Some products you might like to try but you can also simply type in Fitness Tracker in your search option to see a variety of responses. Jawbone IP Fitbit Flex Nike + Fuelband Misfit Shine Some do have connectivity / sharing data and connected Apps.

Regarding diet and or exersize: There are many good reasons to try to exersize/get exersize. 1. Try to think sensibly. 2.Whether new to this site or not, even if as you start to get fitter or trim, begin (whatever your budget) if you don't already, to try to start/begin to to look at what you choose to eat. But always be careful! If under 18 or with mental health /health difficulties, consult with a Gp/ your parents of guardian first. Please?


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