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Some / a few reasons to try or to continue or to begin with some exersizes if you can..............

  • Should help to improve muscle strength and general posture and appearance.

  • Can help to alleviate anxiety and possibly help to sharpen memory.

  • It is said to help as a cold prventative and helps with lowering cholesterol.

  • It can help is weightloss and can help to reduce fatty deposits around internal organs which has to be good.

  • It could possibly because or as part of many of these factors and from a psychological standpoint be a positive maybe preventative influence with some cancers.

  • It can lower risk of high blood pressure.

  • It can help with many problems by lessening the burden that inactivity and excess weight could potentially present.

  • Can help to prevent muscle loss through overall inactivity.

  • Increases energy and endurance and can help general sports performance.

  • Can help with increasing pain resistance and improve balance and co-ordination with increased oxygen intake/ supply.

  • Can help and because or with regard to these reasons with matters of depression.

  • There are many other reasons too to try to exersize if you can, these are but only a few.

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