top of page & Regenprotec.Org First: On, first set your target weight and also plan to not get into too much of a rush to reach your target weight. Read up from the site and plan your advance into a healthy eating strategy carefully. Sometimes there can be other factors to considering losing weight. Whether it is or is not for you being just one reason.

Dieting can be dangerous and also quite difficult.

Feel free to go to the 'Regenprotec' pages (weightloss strategy) and have a look at our suggestions and tips.

A technique which we hope can promote you with welcome ideas and initiate change and development in a positive way.

With a range of meal options to choose from/ food/recipe ideas for you to look at and techniques or ideas for you to think about and  having examined and continually to do so,  various thought processes.  So yes, hopefully with some of the hard work done, you may have a clearer idea through to your own success. It could at least certainly make it much easier for you.

If under 18 please have parental/guardian consent before attempting/choosing to copy any parts directly of this strategy / a diet regime.

No liability is assumed by this site or anyone involved with the administration of this site or other associated with or anyone involved with for ignoring warnings on this website or misinterpretation of ANY suggestion regarding food tried presently or food ideas or suggestions. No invitation to join in or join up or sign up is constituted by this page/pages of 


You may though learn and observe and make your own decisions as time goes on and hopefully in/with the hope that you may be helped by the experience in some way. It could possibly be construed by some using this website that we condone the use of food which i past it's 'sell by date'.  This strategy/plan was created initially as result of limited resources and based upon an individual who had had a heart operation and that individuals ability to try to cook food when still fresh as determined by their fitness levels rather than see it go to waste and their own real need to lose weight. And by default and based upon that individuals circumstances, as cost effectively as possible.

It can be good to make a start on making some small changes.

Losing weight is not always easy. It can though for some be easier having lost weight.

Maybe you are trying to make a few changes?

Hopefully this website can help you through to a success of your goal, especially if that is to reach your target weight.

In fact, be confident.  Do not ignore warnings on either of our sites, we say these things because we care.

Also, remember please, even if you are a bit happier, try not to let those who might not be ruin your day,

even they might have over indulged and are trying to catch up.  

Website creation date: 02.02.2012     

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