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Lockdown and trying to keep chirpy, especially if you can't get out.

It was another of those times where it seemed impossible to even attempt to get out to go to the shop. There was some self raising flour in the cupboard, and some porridge, no eggs, but there was some milk in the fridge and some buttery spread which would have gone off, especially if not eating much bread or eating bread rarely. It had been easier to purchase a baton or even garlic bread instead of buying a loaf and it seemed kinder somehow, especially with shortages and thinking that children are quite possibly less likely to favor garlic bread. There was also some dried yeast.  


The flour was enough to attempt something, volume wise in a two pint Pyrex dish it was about the equivalent of a standard bag of sugar capacity-wise. Using maybe one ounce of the buttery spread, rub it into the flour.


There was also some oil in a small tin of mackerel I wanted to try to use. This is self raising flour with yeast, and a few teaspoons of porridge and some water and milk, and you can use 1-3 ounces of buttery spread, though one ounce was definitely used here. Mix until a dripping consistency. Add half a teaspoon of sugar to the yeast beforehand. Add a couple of drips of the fish oil if required to a cut slice. I can't say I enjoyed it with the fish oil drips on it but it would be fine though with honey, or any flavour  jam too or even a Vegemite or Marmite spread could be nice.


Mmmmmmm with ginger jam and some blueberries. Yummy! Only add enough sugar to help with the yeast activation, so here 2 ounces of yeast so half level teaspoon of sugar. Cook in a prepped loaf tin if you have, or cake tin, with foil on. Pierce the middle of the foil slightly, place it in oven for an hour.


You can also make some garlic butter and microwave it on 350 degrees for a minute, the loafcake will soften up even more and the butter as you can see the butter naturally would absorb into it.


The small remainder of the loafcake after a few days was broken up and mixed with rice, red lentils, a vegetable stock cube, garlic, some ground chillies, some tomato puree and red onions and the remainder of the oil which was in the bottom of the small tin from some peppered mackerel, it's too good to simply disgard. It all, the taste of it, then gave me an idea to make sausages with it because it tasted a lot like and had a consistency of a kind of sausage when cooked in with the rice etc.


You could also add a squashed banana and some raisins to the cakeloaf mix. No eggs required, so if you eat eggs, that's another whole exciting meal option for another day.

Multiple functionality food.

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