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Hopefully you are all coping as best as you can with the circumstances presented.

I'll post as best an update as I can presently and I hope you can appreciate that I am in the same circumstances as many of you too and I do have another health condition where-by in 1994 I was told to commence an experimental medication, and then in 2010 I had a heart surgery. My next operation that was scheduled for July this year was cancelled to make way for the then possibility of coronavirus patients, I completely understood and can only think kindly of everyone involved, especially considering how things are in some countries, where for example ice skating rinks are being used as temporary mortuaries. It is just horrible. I don't need to tell any of you that! Our Regenprotec Facebook page has been added here.

If you think that you might like to have even a thin mask on, or if you know some in other countries, this may help, tissue folded was used here, with elastic bands and staples. You can use fabric too, or even try tie a scarf around somehow, and tuck it with some safety pins or hat pins if you can.

One thing it can help with too, if it is cold, is preventing the colder air from catching your throat if you happen to be well enough to go to a shop. If in countries where population is dense, dispose of masks carefully and securely, wrap them in paper and make sure they are covered. You might like to make them from folded material, in that case, make two and alternate them, wash then in hot boiled water. Be careful if using boiled water.

Swede and some pearl barley which swells nicely when cooked and some optional freekeh, a spoon of dessicated coconut, a very small bag of frozen vegetables and herbs.

You can still pick up odd things and you can make food recipes even if stuck in doors. One swede and odd bits in a cupboard, and I mean that too, some could think, that's a lot of odd bits. For help to make a start, check our website. This potful makes maybe 8 meals and they can be frozen. Some margerine was used because no bread about, it would have gone off. Also some desiccated coconut used in cake baking, yes, that was in the cupboard, it'd been like 15 years since baking a cake.

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