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Four randomly selected pages from 247 pages for you to decide. Would you know a nom de plume if you saw one? Would why a nom de plume matter? Is the credit page facetious?

I had been thinking of some of the characters in the book Nom Penny, Ranjara makes me giggle whenever I think of her, as does Ruhan and the general shenanigans throughout the book. Florence Breeny is a real lovely and is a joy to many I am sure. I found that the book was written, very precisely, how it was written, to attract possibly those who may not read so often or who do not or have not yet. It carefully guides you through a real deluge of situations, some had me holding my breath in utter disbelief and that even helped me too, when I didn't have a mask during pandemic? Morals and the ethics of the book should demonstrate that the choice was clearly with good reasons, and even more-so now, to complete it. The book is available of Amazon websites as a download and it's text to speech enabled too. also available as a post-crisis paperback. If you are too in self isolation or social distancing, I believe it will make you laugh and smile, but you have to stick with it! It does not demand tolerance by way of volume of patience testing. Often content becomes emotional, psychologically charged and enthused, you are left wondering what next? But it is, if you read the bio and book detail on Amazon websites, also actually about tolerances. You might be so very surprised how it all turns out!

So, you got to a supermarket and tried to buy things that you thought not not many others would like because the shop shelves seemed to be becoming emptier quicker. Appreciating what was actually in the shops, all of it, and it's uses, you leave with a packet of the fish stock cubes you like and a packet of lentilles vertes and some raspberry jam to add a coffeespoonful of it to porridge if made with water and one usually inexpensive comparatively, garlic bread. Here for this recipe of maybe five servings or six, was used a third of a packet of the lentilles vertes, a quarter of the same amount used of red lentills and one fish stock cube, one half a vegetable stock cube and a small cup full of diced onions and two small garlic cloves. I felt like it was wartime, every reason to be more careful and more considerate when i looked at the butter and actually added a half a teaspoonful of butter and said to myself "a knob of butter" I added this after it was cooked and when it was steeping. Also, the garlic bread, try breaking one piece off and heating it in a microwave, then put the residue of garlicky oil into the saucepan too. Just add the one piece of garlic bread to the saucepan, or two pieces if you are not alone there. It adds that real chewy dimension that you often dont get in lentils alone. You could also add (if you have some tinned mackerel in brine, to really beef it up, half a small tin.

Lockdown food item

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