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Stay Safe!

So, you've been through your food cupboard and are out of everything and the spinng onions you have in your fridge are droopy but you don't want to waste them because you know too that they are still good and that it's only the leaves that are drooping a little. Yes, if you ahd lemon water and ice cubes at hand, you could try to spruce them up a little. You see the can of stew that you were not able to open in spite of knowing all of the ingredients and that it sounds superb, then you see, tucked behind some empty coffee jars, some red lentils. And you notice the packet of garlic and herb stock cubes that you thought you'd love to try. And that bag of smaller bags of frozen microwavable vegetables in your fridge? One of those will do so nicely!

So, red lentils, some garlic and herb stock cube, some vegetable stock cube, some from a pack 'of a packetful of packets' of microwavable mixed vegetables and one tablespoon of tomato puree.

Using a left over piece of vegetable stock cube too, might have taken it a little on the edge regarding salt levels, but check their packets. Maybe it's where I had never tried the garlic and herb stock cubes before? Mmmmmmmmm, so..... very impressed.

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