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Stay Safe,
Stay at Home!

Happy Easter!

I noticed that there were a few potatoes on the fridge that were about to go softer than many might like, so something nice was actually made, it was actually very nice! I'll mention it now because I think it is important, I keep recalling characters from the Nom Penny book too, so it's nice and slightly but definitely positively wierd. In a nice way though! Anyway, some of you may know that lentils as muc as great as a source of roughage can leave you feeling slightly bloated sometimes, as lovely as they are. If I say that a simple soup was made and that it was such a pleasure in every sense and for days after, it seemed so light and easier somehow digestably possibly that I actually thought 'i'm changing again'. Approximately 6 large potatoes were used, a cupfull of red onions were added and a cupful of chopped white onions, three of the smallest garlic cloves i could find and a vegetable stock cube and a quarter of a fish stock cube, so simple. Boil them and mash them up, you could add a small bit of butter too, it is delicious. Appreciate the potatoes in every sense, it was so smooth but quite sturdy.

This post though is about something else.

Basmati rice, plus 3 times cold water in large saucepan. Add two parsnips, one and half level tablespoon of dessicated coconut, one teaspoon curry powder, half teaspoon ground ginger. One vegetable stock cube and half a fish stock cube. 6-8 servings. No salt needs to be added. Parsnips, as you know have a beautiful fragrance anyway. You could add cream or stir in an egg whilst it's very hot, or add a little butter, but to be honest, it won't need it. It would be nice though, to add some garlic flavoured croutons, mmmmmmm yum! So creamy!

Some of you may have wondered about visitor numbers to the sites, rather than write it all up I thought it would be easier to publish some photos for you to see it for yourself, obviously the more detailed explanations are available via our site data page in the menu, the figures ar achieved since switching the counter back to zero a while ago. It is not possible to reset it forward, so these are visits. Thank you!

Some music you might like xxx

Social distancing and self isolation, what did you expect?

I'll try to add more soon if i can. Stay well!

And please, please please, try that book! You have to have read it to know why I ask. /if visiting from that site

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