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Now that my phone is back, the photos can improve. The recipes are great on the former pages but my camera was out of action.

How to achieve a bit of almost a fry up but with no oil?


If i say squeaky bubble i hope you might know what i mean?


400 gramms of potatoes

2 Sprigs of greens

some left over brussell sprouts

A yellow papper (capsicum)

3 scotch bonnet chillies which were almost on their way out (work with fresh if possible please).

Garlic salt

Salt and pepper


Slice the potatoes and put them with the brussell sprouts into the steamer for approximately 20-25 minutes until mashable

Move some of the greens away and place on a seperate plate

Mash the remainder of the greens, the potatoes and the brussell sprouts.

De-seed a yellow capsicum pepper

Add one level tablespoonful of 'garlic salt' to the mixture.

Cut the yellow pepper into 3 and finely chop one third of it and add to the mixture

Very finely (with gloves preferably) chop the fresher parts of the scotch bonnet chillies disgarding the bits which had gone off.

Wash the de-seeded scotch bonnet chillies under a tap with cold water before chopping.

Place all of the mashed ingredient onto a baking tray and square it off into a nice shape

Press the finely chopped scotch bonnet chillies into the top of the mixture (if you don't like stron chillies, do not add them) Photo 3

Give a generous sprinkling of garlic salt on top

Then wrap the remaining greens over the whole thing.Photo 4

Salt and pepper the top to your own taste and put into a medium oven (top shelf) for 30 minutes


Veg as above.


Scotch bonnett chilli and yellow capsicum

Photo 3


Photo 4

The meal is quite an unusual one. With the dryness of the cabbage leaves it seems to be a nice dimension to this dish.

Try squeezing just a small piece of lemon juice over the top of it.

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